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Safe. Secure. Compliant

Frontline communication built for business.

Serious data security

Keep personal data private and company data secure, with custom data retention that aligns with your organization's policies.

Safe, productive conversations

Maintain work-appropriate conversations through content filters & reporting, knowing that only current employees have access to team communications.

Advanced compliance controls

Enforce your own policies for usage, scheduling, & labor to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements.

Compliance feature suite

Custom opt-in

Create and enforce your own opt-in, usage, and conduct policies

Manage off-the-clock

Ensure employees who aren't scheduled to work aren't being messaged

Profanity filter

Block profane or inappropriate content automatically

User suspension

Suspend the ability to message others, but keep the ability to view critical information

User blocking

Empower users to stop another user from sending messages if content is offensive or unwanted

Message reporting

Allow users to flag sensitive or offensive content for HR to review and address

Schedule logs

Track if schedules are posted on-time and compliant with labor regulations (EEOC, Fair Work Week, etc.)

Data security

Encrypted data in transit and at rest, with the ability to wipe company data from devices of terminated employees

Chat controls

Control who can communicate with whom and prevent users from sending messages.

“I can’t think of anything more essential to our business than Crew. We’re ahead of the game because Crew gives us everything we need to demonstrate scheduling compliance.”

Amir Syed
COO, Syed Restaurants

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