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Comprehensive healthcare,

connected here.

Crew keeps acute care professionals connected and on message so they can build trust with patients and their families. 

Healthcare compliant & secure

  • Encrypted data is safe and secure, and can be remotely wiped from devices
  • Keep patient data secure with automatic filtering of protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Supports HIPAA-compliance requirements

Relevant & productive

  • Instantly share policy updates with all clinical and non-clinical staff
  • Create employee groups based on department, role, and other criteria to keep conversations relevant
  • Ensure messages are appropriate and productive with automated filtering and reporting capabilities

Real-time schedules & shift coverage

  • Give all staff instant and equal access to the schedule, right from their pockets
  • Reduce patient wait times by allowing qualifying staff to trade shifts in dynamic shift marketplace
  • Ensure compliance with labor regulations (e.g. EOC, Fair Workweek, etc.) by tracking manager adherence to schedule deadlines

Operations that hum

  • Improve patient satisfaction by giving all healthcare providers instant, anytime access to critical resources, training, files, and lists
  • Increase employee accountability by integrating alerts and actions from critical business systems
  • Engage employees and reduce turnover with recognition programs and real-time frontline analytics

“Crew helps employees engage with the company, feel like they’re part of the organization, and have self-worth that their role is important – all of which is mitigating turnover. This platform is taking our communications to a whole new level that we didn’t even realize was possible before Crew.”


Trevor Parris
Director, Affinity Living Group

Crew enables over 1 million frontline employees achieve outstanding results

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